Fireproof, Protective and Marine Coatings

Approved and Certified Applicator by Sherwin Williams for applying protective, fireproof and marine paints

Our company has been awarded and certified as an Approved Applicator for Protective and Marine Coatings by Sherwin Williams.

The most important advantages of applying Firetex® – intumescent passive fire protection are:

  • The essential fire protection of steelwork from 15-120 minutes
  • The provision of structural integrity and building evacuation

Fireproof paint can be applied either on site or in shop in all type of climates, by airless spray or brush.

Primer: Will stop the spread of corrosion

Intumescent Coating: Provides fireproof protection

Top Coating: Essential to apply protective sealant coats to protect the properties of the fire protection from the weather

Some of the Projects in which protective coating was used:

  • Asterias hotel Ayia Napa
  • Flamingo Hotel Protaras
  • Shopping Malls in Cyprus
  • Old Port